«At the end of September 1914, I had been gravely injured and I was lying on the ground in misery like my companions. At daybreak, I saw the heavy silhouette of the curate moving around the area. When it came to my turn I said to him in all honesty, 'I am a stranger to your way of worship and I do not share your convinctions'. He replied: 'My child, if you have to appear before the Supreme Judge shortly, know that He will be a judge of love'. This scene is one that I will never forget.»

Rene Cassin Nobel Prize winner and the 4th President of the Honoray Committee of the AIDLR

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LISBON, 7-8 February 2023

International Conference on
«Religion & Freedom of Expression»

Organized by

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Hosted by

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Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Av. de Berna 45 A, 1067-001 Lisboa, Portugal

Panel Discussion Keynotes

Session 1 - “Religion and Freedom of Speech”

Session 2 - “Freedom of Religious Expression and Human Dignity” – Part I

Session 3 - “Freedom of Religious Expression and Human Dignity” Part II

Session 4 - “Religion, Freedom of Speech and Organizations”

Session 5 - “Religion and Freedom of Expression in Contemporary Society”

Session 6 - “Case Presentation”

Lisbon Conference - Closing Remarks

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