«I believe it is possible to expand on this common basis to build a system that recognizes the diversity of expressions and perspectives, and that allows for more openness and systematic collaboration in the service of the people we all care for, guided by the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence.»

António Guterres Current Secretary-General of the United Nations

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III International Conference

«Educators' ways to stop discrimation and extremism that affect freedom, life and practice of religious freedom and freedom of conscience»

Organized by:

Association Internationale
International Association

Co-organized by:

Law Faculty of the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Kingdom of Spain

Ministry of Justice of Kingdom of Spain

Keynotes of the Conference

Panels' details

Official Opening
Participants: Dr. Ricardo ALONSO GARCÍA · Dr. Ahmed SHAHEED · Dr. Javier HERRERA GARCÍA CANTURI · Dr. José Miguel SERRANO RUIZ-CALDERÓN · Dr. Liviu OLTEANU
Books Launch
Moderator : Dr. José ITURMENDI MORALES
Participants: Dr. Liviu OLTEANU · Dr. Ahmed SHAHEED · Dr. Alberto DE LA HERA Dr. Asher MAOZ · H.E. Ambassador Belén ALFARO · Dr. Kiriaki TOPIDI · Dr. Ricardo GARCÍA GARCÍA · Ms. Fatos ARACI · Prof. Rik Torfs · Pastor Alberto F. GUAITA
Special Keynote Address by Dr. Ahmed Shaheed
Moderator: Dr. Esteban SÁNCHEZ MORENO
Ponent: Dr. Ahmed SHAHEED
Colloquium with the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations on Freedom of Religion or Belief, Dr. Ahmed Shaheed
Moderator: Dr. José Miguel SERRANO RUIZ-CALDERÓN
Participants: Dr. Rafael PALOMINO TAPIAS · Dr. Ricardo GARCÍA GARCÍA · Dr. Asher MAOZ · Dr. Martín ORTEGA CARCELÉN · Dr. Santiago CAÑAMARES ARRIVAS · Mr. Jorge FERNÁNDEZ · Prof. Zoila COMBALÍA · Dr. Oscar LÓPEZ · H.E. Ambassador Belén ALFARO · H.E. Ambassador Koula SOPHIANOU · H.E. Ambassador Violeta AGRICI
Panel IV: Educate for coexistence and non-discrimination
Moderator: H.E. Belén Alfaro
Participants: Ms. Cristina M. FINCH · Mr. Raphaël WAROLIN · Dr. Antonio LÓPEZ POSTIGO · Prof. Rik TORFS · Dr. Kiriaki TOPIDI · Mr. Riai TATARY
Panel V. Good Practices for Anti-discrimination
Moderator: Prof. Juan Antonio MARTÍNEZ MUÑOZ
Participants: Dr. Alberto DE LA HERA · Prof. José Miguel ITURMENDI RUBIA · Mr. Jorge FERNÁNDEZ · Pastor Alberto F. GUAITA
Panel VI. Educate against Violence
Moderator: Dr. Oscar López
Participants: Ms. Fatos ARACI · Dr. Asher MAOZ · Prof. Zoila COMBALÍA · Dr. Rafael PALOMINO TAPIAS · H.E. Ms. Belén ALFARO · Dr. Liviu OLTEANU · Dr. José Miguel SERRANO RUIZ-CALDERÓN
Closing of the III International Conference of Madrid
Participants: Jose María COELLO DE PORTUGAL · H.E. Ms. Belén ALFARO · Dr. Liviu OLTEANU · Dr. José Miguel SERRANO RUIZ-CALDERÓN