«I believe that goverments, diplomats, religious leaders, academia and non-governmental organizations can effectively work together at international, regional and national levels to promote peace and security, tolerance and respect for diversity, religion or belief, and always defending the human dignity and the principle of freedom of religion for all people... Respect for differences begin with acknowledging the rights, dignity and perspectives of everyone in a thoughful manner and then by treating others as one would like to be treated.»

Dr. Liviu Olteanu Former Secretary General of the AIDLR

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By Dr Liviu Olteanu, Secretary General of the International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty

Dr. Liviu Olteanu, the AIDLR Secretary-General talked at the ‘Forum for Peace’ from Abu Dhabi, with MUHAMMAD SIRAJUDDIN DIN SYAMSUDDIN, one of the foremost Islamic scholars of Indonesia

Abu Dhabi (UAE), 9th December 2019

Professor Syamsuddin mentioned publicly in Abu Dhabi that instead of developing such a “phobia-like” approach, nations around the world should develop a “genuine tolerance” culture. We discussed the problems that may exist between groups, and the respect, the dialogue and the dignified means being considered to overcome any problems and differences based on religion or belief. In summary: we don’t need to ask religions and people to build an ecumenism based upon the doctrines and religious truths of one religion or another, nor is it necessary to work together on the defense of religions per se, instead we could cooperate and build an ‘ecumenism’ of religious liberty, fostering religious freedom and the principle of religious liberty for all people. The Forum for Peace aimed to elevate religious freedom, cooperation and tolerance from each country’s standard of ‘possibilities to necessary’ ethical commitments and legal obligations, especially concerning the protection of religious minorities and places of worship, attacks on the latter having threatened the freedom of religion in many parts of the world.

Liviu Olteanu, AIDLR Secretary-General with Muhammad Sirajuddin din Syamsuddin